A message from Mayor Trish Spencer


Current situation...

Access to medicinal cannabis is currently prohibited here in Alameda. This restriction forces our patients to venture off of the Island to access their medicine…and with it their tax revenues which ends up benefitting the economies of Alameda’s neighboring cities.



On Wednesday July 5, 2017 we will have an opportunity to change this. At 7:00pm Alameda City Council will be voting on Mayor Trish Spencer's referral; to propose regulations to authorize safe medicinal cannabis access in Alameda.


Take action!

How can Alameda Residents, Business Owners, and Patients get involved in the ASCA Safe Cannabis Access movement?  

✓ Attend the July 5th City Council Meeting at Alameda City Hall, where Mayor Spencer’s referral will be heard and voted on.  

✓ Bring a friend or many friends with you! The more support we can show at City Council, the better chances we all have to ensure Alameda’s safe and tight-knit community remains that way!

✓ Educate yourself and others on the benefits of medical marijuana. We’ve got you covered - check out our links page here.


What is ASCA?

 ASCA stands for Alameda for Safe Cannabis Access.

 We are a grassroots movement composed of Alameda residents seeking safe access to medicinal cannabis; Alameda business owners who reside on the island; and Alameda residents who care about keeping our local economy thriving.

This educational movement was created to support Mayor Trish Spencer’s referral, which specifically prefers cannabis businesses to be in the hands of Alamedans, thereby ensuring Alameda keeps its economy focused on its residents and wellness of patients first:



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