68%of Alamedans voted for access to cannabis on our Island.


This is a critical time for our Alameda Community.

Access to medicinal cannabis is currently prohibited here in the City of Alameda. This restriction forces patients to have to venture off the Island to get access to their medicine… and with it, their sales tax revenues end up benefitting the local economies of Alameda’s neighboring cities.

However, 68.8% of Alameda voters, a supermajority, voted in favor of Proposition 64, the marijuana legalization measure this past November 8, 2016. And on July 5, 2017, Alameda city council voted 4/5 in favor of  on hearing Mayor Trish Herrera-Spencer's referral; to propose Regulations to authorize convenient and Safe Cannabis Access in Alameda.

This referral, if passed, would thus regulate Cannabis in the City of Alameda and lift the cannabis ban on the Island.

Now the stage is set for Council to vote September 5 where proposed regulations will be heard.


How cannabis came to the Island City of Alameda...


In response to such overwhelming support of the 68.8% of Alamedans who voted for safe access to cannabis in Alameda, Councilmember Jim Oddie asked city staff  (scroll to item 9-G in the left column)  to research regulations for potential benefits to the city per revenues from fees and taxes.